Donald Trump receives credentials of new Somali ambassador to US

US President Donald Trump yesterday officially received the credentials of the new Somali ambassador to the United States, Ali Sharif Sharif Ahmed, who was recently appointed by the Federal Government of Somalia.

Ambassador Ali Sharif had last week delivered his credentials to the US State Department before he was received yesterday at the White House, where he met with President Donald Trump.

Ambassador Ali Sharif will be the third Somali ambassador to the United States since 2014 when the Somali government, for the first time in 20 years, appointed Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke as the first Somali ambassador to the USA.

The Somali embassy in Washington has been without an ambassador since 2018, after Ahmed Issa Awad, the Somali ambassador to Washington, was appointed minister of foreign affairs.

The federal Government of Somalia haS welcomed President Donald Trump’s acceptance of the credentials of Somalia’s new ambassador to Washington, Ambassador Ali Sharif Ahmed, who is mandated to build on the strong historical bonds of friendship, strategic cooperation and partnership for progress to advance the mutual benefit of both countries.

Ambassador Ali Sharif previously served as the Somali ambassador to Ethiopia and France respectively. He also served as the Permanent Representative of Somalia to the African Union and UNECA.