At least four people were killed in an Explosion in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU—At least four people were killed and five others injured at a car explosion in Waberi District in Banaadir region. The explosion happened near the district’s Police headquarters.

A car packed with explosives detonated at a restaurant causing damages. The explosion happened at a time when the street in which the restaurant is located was busy.

The loud bang caused by the blast was heard from far locations of Banaadir region.

Police assistant commander, Zakiya Ahmed Hussein spoke about the incident that happened at the restaurant next to the police station.

“I request the resident to become extra vigilant and report suspicion of vehicles feared to be carrying explosives. Car explosions have risen in the recent times and you should watch where you converge,” Hussein said.

This is the second explosion that has happened in Mogadishu today. The earlier one happened at the same road but never caused any damage.