Al-Shabaab spokesman wounded in southern Somalia fighting – army

The Somali National Army, backed by AMISOM troops, on Sunday (10 August] carried out operations against the Al-Shabaab militant group in Lower Shabelle region, liberating Sham village on the outskirts of Awdhegle town from the extremists.

The Somali National Army radio reported on Tuesday night that at least 17 Al-Shabaab fighters were killed and some of their officials, including the group’s spokesman Ali Dhere, wounded in the fighting in Sham village.

For years, Sham village was a base where Al-Shabaab militants assembled, planned and launched their activities.

Somali forces backed by AMISOM troops have recently intensified attacks against Al-Shabaab-held towns in southern Somalia, capturing towns in lower Shabelle region, including Sabid, Anole, Barire and Awdhegle towns.