Al-Shabaab releases propaganda video of last year’s attack in Kenya’s Manda Bay base

The militant group, Al-Shabaab, has released a video commemorating the first anniversary of attack against a Kenyan military base with US troops presence in Manda Bay near the coastal town of Lamu on 5 January last year.

In the propaganda video, a person thought to be the leader of the militant group, Ahmed Umar Diriye Abu Ubeidah, speaks in Arabic and details what he terms a successful attack against US troops.

In the video, Abu Ubeidah also named the five militants who attacked the Kenyan military base in Manda Bay near Lamu.

According to the video, the five militants were a Yemeni national, a Tanzanian, one Ethiopian national and two Somali nationals.

Al-Shabaab’s propaganda video comes at a time when US troops are withdrawing from Somalia and amid political tension in Somalia as the federal government and opposition leaders tussle over how the upcoming elections should be managed.