Al-Shabaab kills Somalia’s Hirshabelle state MP between Jowhar and Bal’ad

The Militant group Al-Shabaaab has claimed responsibility for the killing of MP Mohamed Mahmud Siyad, a member of the Hirshabelle regional state parliament.

The MP was taken from a vehicle that left Jowhar and was headed to Mogadishu. Armed Al-Shabaab members stopped the vehicle carrying the MP between Jowhar and Bal’ad towns before killing him around Yaqle village of the Middle Shabelle Region.

Al-Shabaab has previously killed several Hirshabelle officials in attacks along the road linking Johar and Mogadishu, with the security of the road so bad that officials usually do not risk using it.

Regional state officials have been calling for help from the federal government to clear the road from militants.

The Al-Shabaab militant group has been carrying out deadly attacks targeting government officials, security forces and African Union peacekeepers across the country.

Yesterday, at least five people were killed in bomb attacks that took place in Mogadishu and Baidoa.