Somalia FMS leaders push for a single constituency for the parliamentary election

NCC meeting in MogadishuNCC meeting begins in Mogadishu on Monday.

MOGADISHU (SomaliAffairs) Leaders of Somalia Federal Member States who are currently attending the ongoing National Consultative Conference (NCC) in Mogadishu are mostly interested in limiting the parliamentary elections to a single constituency.

The leaders who convened on Monday have been engaging in tough discussions where Puntland, Jubbaland and Hirshabelle officials presented that a single constituency is the only doable option for the stalled election.

The 17 September agreement, the only indirect election model agreement reached by the NCC in September 2020, requires a two constituency for the parliamentary election. However, leaders are now pushing for amendment of the document.

The three advocates – Hirshabelle, Puntland and Jubbaland – are facing intense local pressure. Puntland’s Sa’id Deni is currently struggling to put off a local armed resistance in Bosaso following the deadly clashes between his forces and those of Puntland Security Force (PSF) in Bosaso.

Also, Jubbaland’s Ahmed Madobe and Hirshabelle’s Ali Gudlawe prefer their two strongholds of Kismayo and Jowhar as their single constituency for holding the election to avoid resistance in Garbaharey and Beledweyne.

South West president, Abdiaziz Hassan Lafta-gareen, who is described as President Mohamed Farmaajo’s right hand man, however, is opposing the proposal.