First batch of Somali women police unit to train in Turkey

first batch of Somali women police flew to Turkey for training.

First batch of Somali Women police flew to Turkey for training on Monday, in a bit to strengthen the Somalia’s security sector in women’s participation.

Wearing of Haramcad camouflage, the trainees jetted to Turkey  and were seen off at Mogadishu International airport by senior police officials.

Somali Police chief, Gen. Abdi Hassan Hijaar  said that the women police trainees sent to Turkey are part of the special police unit known as “Haramcad” and were selected on criteria based on education and morale.

“On behalf of the special police units, we are delighted to see off first batch of women police units traveling to our brotherly country Turkey for specialized training” Gen. Abdi Hassan Hijaar, Somali police chief said, “They were educated Somali girls, who received their first training at General Kaahiye police academy”

General Hijaar further noted that the girls will be training how special police units operate.

The unit will be the first of its kind to be trained in the Somali police.