Al-Shabaab claims to have killed 6 in Kenya’s Lamu attack

Kenya Lamu Map.Kenya Lamu Map. | Google Map.

MOGADISHU (SomaliAffairs) Al-Shabaab militant group has claimed that its fighters killed six people in Kenya’s Lamu on Monday.

The heavily armed militants raided Bobo-Sunkia and Witho villages on the west of Lamu on Monday, according to Kenyan media and security officials.

The militants also torched two more houses in the village before vanishing.

According to al-Shabaab, the assailants slaughtered six including the local chief of the village.

The attack was confirmed by Kenyan Lamu county police commissioner, Irungu Macharia.

“The deceased who was killed in Bobo-Sunkia was killed in the same fashion as the six who were massacred in Witho area on Sunday night,” he added.

Kenyan security officials are saying that investigations are underway to ascertain the true identity of the killers and their motive.

The attack becomes the latest carried by the al-Qaeda-linked militant group in Somalia.