Somalia – Kenya Tiff should wait the verdict of ICJ

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A fallen country is vulnerable to any threat and Somalia is a good example. But in 2014 the Somali Government succeeded in filling a case before the International court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague concerning Kenya’s claims of part of Somalia’s shores. The coastal dispute rose after MOU signed among Moses Watengula then Foreign Minister of Kenya and Abdirahman A/Shakur the then Planning and International Cooperation Minister of transitional federal government of Somalia. The successive administration did not engage the public and address its suspicion that the Somali government has begun the process of granting licenses and exploration permits for hydrocarbon research.

The fury of the Somali public lies more in to the federal government than Kenya for these two major reasons:

  • The confusion and hidden agenda of SOM OIL & GAS and then SPECTRUM raised  lot of queries.

  • The Somali petroleum and mining law is missing which makes the process seditious for both the Investors and Somalia, Natural Resource Commission, Natural Resource Authority and Somali Oil Company aren’t established yet whom are significant bodies for the provision of  maximum effort in the exploration and exploitation of minerals, oil, and gas, as well as efficient management of licensing, preparation, provision and execution.

The bigger question than the discussion of this theme lies in how can a conflict-ridden country escape the resource curse in a geopolitically connected and globalized world? Kenya being the second hegemony in the eastern part of Africa acted savoir-faire in summoning their ambassador and sending Somali ambassador after London conference as it shows a perspicacity of the lack of acumen and respect of the forthcoming verdict of International Justice Court among the claim of Kenya on a Somali territory.

The demand of solving this issue out of court or dropping of the case is unacceptable, satire and non-negotiable as the situation is now international and global powers are converged to it with their interests in the Somali peninsula as Somalia is a strategically located country in the final analysis this will end in the verdict of the International Justice court and both coastal neighboring countries must adhere to it with veneration of the International law.