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Friday, July 23, 2021

Should Puntland dispute freeze Somaliland autonomy?

Writing in The Hill, I argued that the United States should not channel all aid to Somalia through Mogadishu. To do so encourages corruption... More


My mother’s first professional job was as a Certified Nurse. I followed her footsteps and today my primary occupation is as a Registered Nurse.... More

In defense of Somali disunity

US policy toward Somalia is anchored in the idea that a unitary Somalia best stabilizes the country and enables it to secure its territory.... More

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Stigma and Business Failure: The story of Somali barbershop owner

I have a passion for the world of entrepreneurs. I tried many different types of business for many years, but my last one was... More

Opinion: Ethiopia’s Civil War: The Tigray Conflict

Civil war breaks out between  the Ethiopian federal government,  led  by  the  Noble Peace Prize-winning Prime  Minister Abiy Ahmed,  and  defiant authority  in  its ... More

Lack of leadership created a constitutional crisis in Somalia

by Harbi Farah It has been over 30 years since Somalia descended into full civil war which turned the country into a failed state. Of... More

Climate action for people and planet: The time is now

By António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations In this pivotal year for humanity, now is the time for bold climate action. The science is irrefutable... More

It is time to tackle sexual abuse and domestic violence across the Horn of...

By Mark T. Jones In the Horn of Africa and elsewhere the daily litany of human wrongs involving crimes of sexual abuse and domestic violence... More