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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Somali security forces detain Goobjoog News editor

Somali security forces have arrested the deputy director of Goobjoog Media Group, who is also the editor of Goobjoog News, Abdiaziz Ahmed Gurbiye. The journalist... More

Somalia exempts tax on basic commodities amid Covid-19 hardships

Somalia's Ministry of Finance has announced tax exemptions on basic commodities in order to ease the cost of living for the vulnerable sectors of... More

Somalia’s Puntland leader appoints new governor of Nugal region

The president of Puntland regional state, Said Abdulllahi Deni, has issued a decree appointing a new governor and his two deputy for Nugal region. The... More

Roadside blast injures several people in Somali capital

A roadside bomb explosion has injred several people in the Somali capital this morning. The blast reportedly targeted a Somali National Army vehicle passing at... More

UAE cargo plane carrying medical aid arrives in Somali capital

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has sent a cargo plane carrying medical equipment to the Somali federal government. The plane, which was carrying medical equipment... More

Somalia’s Galmudug leader officially takes over power from predecessor

Somalia's Galmudug state president, Ahmed Abdi Kariye aka Qoor Qoor, has officially taken over power from his predecessor, Ahmed Duale Gelle Haaf, in a... More

Somali state presidents, state parliament speaker self-isolate over Covid-19

Two presidents of Somalia's regional administrations and a speaker of a state parliament have reportedly self-isolated over fears they may have contracted the deadly... More

Somalia’s Covid-19 cases rise to 60

Somalia has announced 35 new Covid-19 cases in the country, taking the total confirmed cases in the country to 60. Health Minister Fowsiya Abikar said... More

Widows of soldiers who died in line of duty accuse government of neglect

A group of widows of soldiers who died in the line of duty today protested in front of the presidential palace, saying the government... More

Somaliland announces three more Covid-19 cases

The Ministry of Health of the self-declared Republic of Somaliland have announced three more cases of the Covid-19 pandemic. Somaliland's Minister of Health Omar Abdullahi... More

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South West State hinders talks between federal gov’t, regional states

Talks between delegations from the federal government and regional states in the country, which have been going on in the past few days, collapsed... More

Somali court sentences woman to death for stealing child

A court in Bosaso, the commercial capital of the Puntland regional state, today sentenced a woman convicted of stealing a child, who later died... More

Ministry of Health announces more coronavirus cases

The ministry of health has announced more coronavirus cases in the country, 58. From Benadir Region there were 32 cases, Hirshabelle 11 cases, Somaliland... More

Somali government sends medical shipment to Galmudug state

A shipment of medical equipment sent by the Somali Federal Government has been delivered to Galmudug regional State today. A plane carrying the equipment landed... More

Somalia to lift domestic flight restrictions on 8 June

A ban on domestic flights that has been in place for two months now will be lifted on 8 June, government officials have said. The... More

UN warns of looming humanitarian crisis in Somalia

Mogadishu, 2 June 2020: The UN on Tuesday called on the international community to help Somalia avert a major humanitarian crisis due to the... More