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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Somali Affairs

Suicide attacks: 10 years of terror since Hargaha iyo Saamaha

MOGADISHU - On October 4, 2011, at the height of the famine, Al Shabaab rammed an explosives-laden UD truck into the gate of the... More

UK Ambassador Foster calls for Somali leaders to work together on ‘credible’ national elections

MOGADISHU (Somali Affairs) The British Ambassador to Somalia, Kate Foster, made a visit to Garowe ahead of the planned local elections in October, to... More

Africa’s world-first environmental data collection initiative bears fruit

In the midst of a very busy news cycle, a quiet revolution has taken place in Africa. Data analysts across the continent have collected data... More

International lawyers sue Farmaajo govt over crimes against humanity

MELBOURNE (Somali Affairs) A group of international lawyers in Australia said they had filed a lawsuit that implicate the Somali federal government authorities over... More

In Horn of Africa, number of food insecure people has risen by nearly 4...

NAIROBI (Somali Affairs) An estimated 31.4 million people across the IGAD region were classified in crisis or worse (IPC Phase 3+) levels of acute... More

Somalia’s AG seeks Djiboutian passport as revenge fears grow in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (Somali Affairs)  The Attorney General of the Federal Government of Somalia, Saleban Mohamed Mohamud, has secretly left Mogadishu and arrived in the tiny... More

Climate action now! Activists hold widespread actions in Africa

NAIROBI - On Friday, environmental activists and citizens across the continent took part in a host of events, in solidarity with the Global climate... More

Climate change is posing an unprecedented threat to livelihoods here in Somalia – British...

MOGADISHU - Next week is Africa Climate Week, the regional week run by the UN ahead of COP26 in Glasgow. During the week, countries... More

Somalia conducted a stakeholders consultation workshop on the assessment of Food Systems

MOGADISHU (SomaliAffairs) – Ahead of the global United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021 convened in September by United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres, the... More