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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Former Somalia PM and ex-Puntland president separately die in Turkey and Kenya

Former Somali Prime Minister Hassan Abshir Farah has died of cancer at a hospital in Turkey, where he had been hospitalised in recent days. He... More

Somali troops kill top Al-Shabaab official near Bardale

The Somali army has said that it killed an al-Shabab taxation officer near the south-western town of Bardale. The Al-Shabaab official, identified as Salad Dere,... More

Minister’s guard kills official from office of Attorney General

One of the Somali minister of justice's security details has killed an official working at the office of the attorney general in the capital... More

Jubbaland, Hirshabelle leaders address elections, Mogadishu status

Jubbaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Ahmed Madobe) has stressed the importance of conducting the 2020/21 elections on time, saying that whatever the political and... More

Somali state leaders focus on upcoming elections in Dusamareb conference opening remarks

Somali state leaders meeting in Galmudug's capital Dusamareb have focused their opening speeches on the upcoming 2020/21 elections. Galmudug President Ahmed Abdi Kariye Qoor... More

Is Somali gov’t hiding something on delay of case with Kenya at ICJ?

On 19 May, the Federal Government of Somalia announced that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) had postponed public hearings on the maritime border case with Kenya,... More

Somali media under siege from both government and militants

Journalists in Somalia, one of the world's worst places to be a media worker, face relentless harassment and intimidation from local state and non-state... More

Why Somali gov’t is unmoved by the Jubbaland leader’s reconciliation efforts

The Somali Federal Government remains silent on the reconciliation between Jubbaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam, aka Ahmed Madobe, and his main rivals in the... More

Somalis’ built up frustrations at risk of erupting

The recent protests in the capital Mogadishu were, perhaps, the first expression of years of built up frustration by the public. The Somali people, especially... More

COVID-19 impact on mental health in Somalia

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a disturbing negative impact on physical and mental health across the world, and Somalia is not excluded from the... More

Recklessness of current Somali leaders risk sparking new civil war

Last year’s Kuumade community meeting in Kismayo, the Habargidir one that was held in Hobyo, the Mudullod consultative meeting that opened in Mogadishu, the... More

Somalia: Fear of public unrest over unconstitutional, impractical electoral law

The sudden policy change of the International Community in abandoning the support of democratic system of governance for building the Federal Republic of Somalia... More

Government still has chance to form inclusive Galmudug administration

In recent days, there have been growing complaints from political stakeholders of Somalia’s Galmudug regional state over the formation of a new administration for... More